I wanted to reset my Home Assistent due to the fact, that icloud was moved from the device_tracker to its own domain. See https://www.home-assistant.io/blog/2019/12/11/release-103/ and https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/29144

This gave me new identities for some apple devices, typically padded with _n

Combined with the facts that I have had 3 Apple and 1 Google Mobiel device that last 1,5 year.

I remember that switching from openHab 2 to Home Assistant was due to few/no releases; - well in HA theres a lot, and a lot of breaking changes....

Doing the stuff below has though we a valueable lesson or 2 regarding keeping and eye on entities and renaming them to suitable names that provides info on person, type and integration.

So I deleted





icloud and icloud3 config from Yaml files

icloud3 from custom components

First startup

Was partly a new Setup:

Create Admin User

Set Home

Set TimeZone

Set Metric

Set Integrations:

What did I lose:

I lost Lovelace config

Lost users

Lost Cloud config(Nabu Casa)

Lost IKEA Trådfri (Just needed to re-enter Security Code)

Lost Plex (just relink needed) and plex-clients

Lost Certificate Expiry

Lost History

First iOSapp setup


This was Anettes iPhone - notice this is impossible to see here.

Notice "sensor.steps_2" - for the first iOS App - well thats because "sensor.steps" are taken:

That is utterly somewhat stupid, that naming are so simple and does not include something more - like "sensor.fitbit.steps", "sensor.fitbit1.steps", "sensor.fitbit_steps"


Adding an iOS App

This was on Normanns iPhone:

Naming sucks...the Mobile App should have some unique ID that could be seen.

Renamed most of it:

Of cause - by renaming entities etc - You need to update all You yaml files

Adding icloud

I added the normal iCloud Integration