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What is JIRA from ?

JIRA is an interesting system, now a days devided into:

  • Jira Work Management - Business Workflow Engine
  • Jira Software - Kanban, Scrum, Version and Release Management Extension - and support for Development Tools like git/BitBucket.
  • Jira Service Management (Jira and a lightweight frontend portal)

What makes Jira different than, and Service Desk like FreshDesk? An extreme customization ability and a huge 3rd page landscape with Apps for almost everything. You can Use Jira for virtually everything (but it always has a cost)

Read Jira as a holistic Form and Workflow system

Now a days - Jira is 2 tings:

  • The Datacenter version, which differs more and more from the Cloud version. With the DC version, You have 100% control over the system.
  • The Cloud based Jira - has some restrictions regarding plugins, and often these are not like the Datacenter Version, theres no control over versions and 
I swear to the Datacenter Version...
  • the change in Jira versions (You get upgraded automatically) 


I can recommend the book here for JIRA Admins (and developers)

Also, join

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