This is how I made splunk show an URL from a search line in a DIV- from a raw line like this:

dirname=2016-04-08 filename=2130032104_motd.jpg

In this screenshot, clicking on a "path" shows the camera pic in a div:


First, convert the Dashboard to HTML

Second, Insert the code in a panel:

<div><img id=campic name=campic></div>

Third, find the  table generation and insert a click catcher - use the Console feedback to view the data when clicking...

element3.on("click", function(e) {
        // Prevent drilldown from redirecting away from the page
        // Console feedback
        //console.log("Clicked the table:",;
        //Change the DIVs source
        var campicimg = document.getElementById("campic"); 
        campicimg.src="" +['click.value2'] + "/" +['click.value3']