Hardware and Config

As a POC, I have installed a Ubuntu VM at work - with:

  • 4 CPUs
  • 16 GB Ram
  • 500 GB Data Disk

And Installed Frigate and MQTT on it via Docker.

My 4 Reolink Cams has their RTSP exposed via the Internet.

The Frigate config is for full (h264Preview_01_main) Stream, and setup for recording.

How it Looks

It looks like this:

How it feels

The Web UI seems pretty sluggish and slow, and the Live views are quite pixelated, way worse that looking at the cams in the Reolink App on my iPhone; where trees sway nicely on the iPhone view, on the Web Ui it lags and "stutter", and looking at the time, it sometimes skip a second.

Also, when using playback on the recordings, the stream lags with small stops.

Very disapointing.

Object Detection

The CPU load is pretty high with object detection on - this graph shows that I disable object detection for all 4 Cams:

With object detection on all Cams, we are close to 100% CPU all the time. 

Also looking at the "top" command, the 5m load goes from 1.5 to more than 5

This was to be expected, as we have no HW accelleration help for the VM.


The network rate is pretty consistent

Memory usage

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