This script travles a directory structure and creates WIKI markup and uses the Atlassian CLI for Confluence for updating a page 

Several Requirements are needed for the final page to be displayed correctly:

Atlassian CLI (Notice the 3.X versions are not free, last free download versions at Atlassian CLI

Script for making thumbnail images (

User Macro: me-image - Image lightbox with Flare

User Macro: me-video - Linking to a Video file (User Macro)

Executing the script:

./ directory="FamilieBilleder/2014" space="familiebilleder" pagetitle="Familiebilleder 2014" maketoc="yes"

./ directory=[Dir] space=[SpaceName] pagetitle=[PageTitle] maketoc="yes|no"


Gives the Page - Familiebilleder 2012

./ directory="FamilieBilleder" space="familiebilleder" pagetitle="Christopher" maketoc="yes" width="20"0 grepfor="Christopher|Stoffer"

Gives the Page - Christopher

ParameterDescriptionRequiredIn script

is the path to be traveled (this is /data/images/FamilieBilleder) for my installation, where /data/images is hardcoded in the script



is the Name of the Space where a page will be updated (or created)

PageNameis the Name of the Confluence page to be updated (or created) in the SpaceName SpaceYes$PageTitle


determines if a TOC markup is inserted at the top of the page

ThumbSizedifferent thumbsize than the one included from config.txtNo$Width


is an optional RegEx string for fine-picking from the RelativeDirectory structure (blank selects all images/movies)

No - If used, ThumbSize must be used also$GrepFor

Source of the Script: