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Look more or less like this:


Create Roles for Standard Permissions

For these permissions, I create a Role for each permission in the Permission Scheme - sometimes with a little more descriptive name prefixed with "can" name:

JIRA PermissionRolename
Browse Project

View Development Tools

Assignable UserAssignableUsers
Assign IssuesCanAssignIssues
Close IssuesCanCloseIssues



Move IssueCanMoveIssues

Create a New Rolebased Permission Scheme



You can always include users,groups and others in the Permissions, if these ALWAYS should have that access, eg:

Add the "jira-administrators" group to the "Administer Projects" permission

Add the "Project Lead" to the "Browse Project","Assign Issues" etc etc to the "Browse project" permission

Add the "Current Assignee" and the "Reporter" to the "Edit Issues" permission


Until all (that You want) is added in the 1:1 relation:


Assign the Scheme to a Project


  • Overview / resolving of permission issues easier
  • Changing permissions for one project very easy/fast
  • Differentiating permissions on otherwise similar projects
  • You only have one (or few) Permission Schemes