Due to getting more and more lights, I decided to add an extra Hue Bridge - rumours said that arround 50 lights, the Hue Brigde could be slow...

So in the Office now:

So I learned a few important lessons here:

A Hue light can be in zero or one room, but in many zones.

Each Hue light must have a Room to be "persisted" as belonging to a Bridge. Otherwise it will be found on each scan by other Bridges.

The last one gave me some hurdles, as many of my outside lights and a few inside lights was only in zones, so when I started to scan the new (second) Bridge, it did find some lights that should be one the first Bridge; and as You can select lights after a scan, this gave some extra work moving them back to the first Bridge.

But thinking of the 2 lessons above, to move a single light from one Brigde to another:

  • Remove the light from all zones
  • Remove the light from the room it belongs to.
  • Switch the Hue App to the second brigde and do a scan.
  • It should find the light that was deleted from the other bridge.
  • Make sure the light belongs to a room.

As for me, the outside can be solved in 2 ways:

  • Create a room called "Outside" with all lights, and zones for the grouping of lights
  • Or create rooms for the grouping og lights, and You normally would indoors.

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