Install Netdata likes this - with a sensible hostname; as the normal hostname in docker is just random

You need to get the Token and Room(s) from the NetData Cloud

sudo mkdir /opt/netdata
sudo vi /opt/netdata/netdata.conf

Add this to the file (see more config here):

hostname = sparrow

Save the file and star the docker node:

sudo docker run -d --name=netdata \
-p 19999:19999 \
-v netdatalib:/var/lib/netdata \
-v netdatacache:/var/cache/netdata \
-v /etc/passwd:/host/etc/passwd:ro \
-v /etc/group:/host/etc/group:ro \
-v /proc:/host/proc:ro \
-v /sys:/host/sys:ro \
-v /etc/os-release:/host/etc/os-release:ro \
-v /opt/netdata/:/etc/netdata/ \
--restart always \
--cap-add SYS_PTRACE \
--security-opt apparmor=unconfined \
netdata/netdata \
-W set2 cloud global enabled true -W set2 cloud global "cloud base url" "" -W "claim \
-token=**************************************** \
-rooms=************************** \

Now the node is added to You Netdatacloud and room(s):