Very simple and basic with: at

root@robin:~# docker pull ansi/mosquitto
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from ansi/mosquitto
32802c0cfa4d: Pull complete
da1315cffa03: Pull complete
fa83472a3562: Pull complete
f85999a86bef: Pull complete
366651916f62: Pull complete
80ae6f7b2d0c: Pull complete
8b3df2ba5b2d: Pull complete
365b81036652: Pull complete
8bc62da4a90c: Pull complete
7391832c4a5f: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:52682d5a0ac8eb18e46e0a54d0e7911027d92338e719e80bcd71dea3c5ef441a
Status: Downloaded newer image for ansi/mosquitto:latest
root@robin:~# sudo docker run -p 1883:1883 --name mqtt -d ansi/mosquitto


The plan is to enable my Zensehome - Hit or Shit as I did with openHAB in OpenHAB with Zensehome