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2018-01-03: Added Extraction of EXIF Tags - for Geo location GPS Position purpose - Read Extraction EXIF data from my Images

2015-09-20: Changed input for to key=value usage and added orientation magic into it

2015-01-04: Changed input to key=value usage

2014-07-15 : Added the blazy javascript to my site. This makes thumbnail load and display when needed instead of all thumbnails loaded when rendering a page (rendering 2000 small images takes a heck of time) - Read the Adding blazy to the Mos-Eisley Gallery page

2014-01-16 : Upgraded to permanent multipage (1 for each subdir and 1 to include all), ThumbSize as command line argument and minor fixes to the code 

2013-09-15 : Putting ThumbSize and DisplaySize in the macro call, so these can be changed without breaking older pages